EPD CSS Package { }
That fulfills your web design activity

Design your responsive and beautiful custom website with Easy Page Design CSS packages. Our CSS package includes:
  1. CSS File: This file helps you to create a responsive and good looking website layout.
  2. Shape File: This file helps you to include different types of Shapes and Icons on your web page.
  3. Animation File: An animated content adds attraction to your web page. This file has different types of animations that you can add to your website.
We are adding more Icons, Shapes and features to our library.



and more...

EPD JS Package </ >
Handle everything from HTML code

Our JS package helps you to manage   javaScript activities without any good knowledge of javaScript knowledge and coding. It helps you to create and manage lightbox/modal, tabbed layout, ajax event, countdown timer, slider/carousel and more directly from HTML code and elements. You no need to use   javaScript code.

EPD Get the Code { </ > }
Less coding less work and big result

Package includes everything that you need to design your custom website. Use the latest source to design your custom and beautiful website.

Use Latest Version

Copy CSS Layout
<link href="https://www.myragroup.in/libs/downloads/epd-css-v2.0.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
Copy CSS Shapes & Icons
<link href="https://www.myragroup.in/libs/downloads/epd-shape-v2.0.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
Copy CSS Animations
<link href="https://www.myragroup.in/libs/downloads/epd-animation-v2.0.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
Copy JS Events
<script src="https://www.myragroup.in/libs/downloads/epd-events-v2.0.js"></script>

EPD Blocks
Just copy & paste as and when require

We have designed many different types of blocks that requires for your website. You can use our beautiful responsive pre build blocks to design your website quickly.
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EPD Templates
Download templates and launch website quickly FREE

You can use our pre build and designed templates for  FREE to launch website quickly. Our templates are beautiful and responsive.
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